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Our beautiful females:

Please meet Maggie, our original Pomsky. This bundle of joy is full of love and affection, and her big brown eyes will melt your heart. Maggie loves to explore and play. She loves to cuddle and snuggle up with her humans, and is always excited to explore the world around her. With Maggie, you'll never be bored! Maggie is a standard size pomsky she weighs 27lbs. She has a gorgeously black and white with silver wooly coat.

Please meet Presley, she is an adorable little girl with a big personality! She has gorgeous blue eyes that will melt your heart and an irresistible charm. She loves to play and will bring a smile to your face with her bubbly personality. Presley is a Mini Pomsky she weighs 12lbs. She has a  gorgeous plush wolf grey coat. 


The newest member of our pack is Riley, she is a beautiful grey with stunning blues eyes. Her personality is as beautiful as she is! She loves to snuggle and play. once she matures she will be an amazing mom. Riley is charting to be a mini pomsky. She should weigh approx. 15lbs as an adult. She has a gorgous charcoal grey standard coat. 

Our Handsome Males:

River is one of our handsome stud dogs  He has stunning blue eyes and a beautiful coat that is sure to turn heads. His personality is great and he loves spending time with his human family. He is a loyal companion and has a very gentle nature.  We are proud to have River as part of our family. River is a mini pomsky weighing 15lbs. This handsome guy has a wooly coat.


Icon is our newest stud. He is  a  very handsome guy with a beautiful, blue-coat and parti-colored eyes. He has an amazing personality, and we can't wait to see what he brings to our breeding program.  He is well-socialized with other dogs and is very friendly and loyal. We are confident that Icon will be a great addition to our breeding program. He is approx. 10lbs. this  handsome guy has a gorgeous wooly coat.  

Timber is a beautiful black and white pomsky with stunning blue eyes. Weighing in at 10 lbs, he is the perfect size for a family companion pet. With a standard coat, he will produce amazing litters that are sure to steal your heart.

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